BPMN and XPDL Serialization and Conformance Meeting

November 4th  UK Meeting:

Agenda Wednesday, November 4th • BPMN & XPDL Industry Day
This day will be entirely devoted to BPMN and XPDL Status
Work Completed by Project Group

  • Proposal for XPDL2.2/BPMN2.0 portability conformance classes
  • Revision of XPDL2.1 Events to support BPMN2.0 Events
  • Visio template for drawing BPMN2.0 diagrams
  • BPMN Google Users Group created
  • Sourceforge Open Source Project for Sketchpad BPMN/XPDL drawing tool created.
  • Source Code available for download.
  • Installer available for download.
  • Google Code Open Source Project for Conformance Testing
  • Code and transforms available for download

 Prototypes for Serialization of BPMN2.0
Transforms Between BPMN2.0 & XPDL

  • Proposed BPMN2.0 serialization schema.
  • Prototype transform from XPDL2.1 to proposed BPMN2.0 serialization
  • Prototype transform from BPMN2.0 serialization to XPDL2.1

Recent activities, working group meeting

  • BPMN 1.2 Status and use today. How fast are people migrating?
  • XPDL Diagram Interchange
  • conformance classes,
  • tools for validation
  • BPMN 2.0 Finalization Task Force Status
  • Concerns over the direction
  • Working group activities

  Speakers include:

  • Gero Decker (Signavio)
  • Robert Shapiro (WfMC)
  • Denis Gagne (Trisotech)

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