Process Analytica


Robert Shapiro created the first open-architecture object-oriented graphical modeling toolkit for process modeling. It was the platform for Design IDEF in support of SADT (Structured Analysis and Design Technique) and used to build the first version of CPN (Colored Petri Net) modeling and simulation technology.

Robert Shapiro is founder and manager of Process Analytica  He is Senior Vice President: Research, for Global 360  He founded Cape Visions (acquired in 2005) where he directed  the development of Analytics and Simulation software used by FileNet/IBM, Fujitsu, PegaSystems and Global 360 Business Process Management products

Prior to founding Cape Visions, as founder and CEO of  Meta Software Corporation, he directed the implementation of a unique suite of graphical modeling and optimization tools for  enterprise-wide business process improvement. Products based on these tools are used by Bank America, Wells Fargo, JPMChase and other major banks to optimize their check processing and Lock Box operations.

As a participant in the Workflow Management Coalition and chair of the working groups on conformance and process definition interchange, he plays a critical role in the development of international standards for workflow and business process management. He has been instrumental in the creation and evolution of XPDL and BPMN. In 2005 he was awarded the Marvin L Manheim Award for outstanding contributions in the field of workflow.

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